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Share information


The TORM A shares are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (ISIN code GB00BZ3CNK81 and short name TRMD A) and Nasdaq New York (CUSIP code G89479102 and short name TRMD).

Denomination of the Shares

The Company’s A shares are registered with the Danish Securities Centre in the denomination of USD 0.01.

In addition, TORM has issued one B Share of USD 0.01 in nominal value to SFM Trustees Limited, as Minority Trustee. The B share has one vote on all resolutions proposed at meetings of the Company. The B share has one vote at the general meeting, has no preemption rights in relation to any issue of new shares of other classes and carries no right to receive dividends, liquidation proceeds or other distributions from TORM. The holder of the B share has the right to elect one member to the Board of Directors (being the deputy chairman), one alternate, as well as one Board observer. The B share cannot be transferred or pledged, except for a transfer to a replacement trustee.

Class of Shares

TORM has three classes of shares as can be seen above. The A shares are negotiable, may be freely traded and shall be issued in the name of each holder and shall be registered in the Company's register of shareholders in the name of each holder.

Voting Rights

Each A share of USD 0,01 entitles the holder to one vote at general meetings with exception of the B share and the C share as described above.