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India, Mumbai:+91 (022) 6640 7200

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The TORM Foundation (TORM Fonden) is a non-profit foundation whose aim is to provide support to employees of the TORM shipping company, shipping institutions, and general causes. Support for general causes is primarily granted to projects relating to shipping, seas, and the environment.

The TORM Foundation was founded in 1948 by A/S Dampskibselskabet TORM and since then has provided support to TORM employees, seafarers, and shipping institutions.




The TORM Foundation was founded in 1948 by A/S Dampskibselskabet TORM.



TORM, the TORM Foundation, and the Danish Sailing Association have cooperated to support the sport of sailing in Denmark since 2004.



The TORM Philippines Education Foundation (TPEF) is a foundation set up by TORM Philippines in 2007 to support education in the Philippine community.

The members of the TORM Foundation's board are:

  • Kim Balle (Chairman)
  • Rasmus Hoffmann
  • Jacob Meldgaard
  • Joakim Nørholm Vasehus

The foundation’s day-to-day administration is overseen by:

  • Veronica Bermann Krivaa


The TORM Foundation supports TORM employees, shipping institutions and general causes primarily relating to shipping, seas and the environment. Applications must include:

  • Applicant’s name, address, Civil Registration System number and, if applicable, institutional affiliation or company name, address and Central Business Register number
  • Activity title
  • The amount sought by the application
  • A brief description of the project’s aim, contents, scope, and expected results
  • A schedule and a list of partners, if any
  • A budget and financing plan, including information about applications for support to other foundations and the amount of support that has already been secured at the time of the application
  • Any relevant attachments. For organizations and similar applicants, a copy of the most recent annual accounts must be included with the application
  • Applications are accepted in English or in Danish

Send your application (preferably via e-mail) to:

TORM Fonden
Tuborg Havnevej 18
2900 Hellerup
Applications are processed at board meetings in June and November. The application deadline is 01 June and 01 November.

Annual reports


TORM Fonden

Tuborg Havnevej 18

2900 Hellerup


Tel: (+45) 3917 9200

Fax: (+45) 3917 9393


Contact: Veronica Bermann Krivaa


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