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Safety is built into our operations and culture.

With 90% of our employees working at sea, safety is of paramount importance at TORM. That is why we have made the prevention of maritime accidents and injuries a strategic priority that permeates our operations and culture.

The Five Safety I's

The Five Safety I’s encapsulate TORM’s approach to maritime safety and keep everyone in the company focused on the potential causes of accidents and injuries and how to prevent them.



Understand the underlying causes of accidents and injuries.

Gather the facts, ask the right questions, share the best practices.



Find new ways for continuous improvements.

Develop new processes and technology.



Be a role model, learn from role models.

Inspire others to greater safety.



Embrace safety’s importance in all processes.

Build safety into everything we do.



See something, say something.

Back each other up and get involved in safety optimization.

The One TORM Safety Culture - Driving Resilience Program

Talking about safety is one thing. Making it a central part of a worldwide work culture is something else.

At TORM, we have developed a range of concrete measures that keep our focus on safety as individuals, teams, and leaders. Both at sea and in offices, we anchor our safety culture in:

  • Standard operating procedures based on best practices
  • Dedicated training for all, from entry-level seafarers to senior officers
  • Data-driven analyses and reporting
  • Personal performance assessments and career path development plans

We call this the One TORM Safety Culture - Driving Resilience Program.


Measure What Matters

The One TORM Safety Culture defines clear standards and metrics to drive continual safety improvements.

Among many other things, we analyze all near-miss incidents to understand the conditions that could lead to accidents but have not yet. To ensure transparency, we report safety data using industry standard practices such as Lost Time Accident Frequency (LTAF), which indicates serious work-related personal injuries resulting in more than one day off work per million work hours.


LTAF 2022

"Safety is at the forefront of everything at TORM. It is embedded in our leadership values and culture. The TORM Safety Culture ensures that we live safety every moment."

Captain Jasdeep Loney

Head of HSSE

Jesper S. Jensen Jesper S. Jensen